Friday, May 2, 2014

F-14D Tomcat updated to version 2.30

After the deployment of the latest version of my Tomcat, an important bug was identified bug in the A/A Radar Slaved Launch code. The bug affectes the latest version(s) of the Tomcat, and while it potentially affects all the weapons, it has catastrophic effects on the Phoenix which is not able, in many instances, to lock on the radar target.
So here is yet another update to the F-14D, which is now promoted to version 2.30.
I took the chance to fix some other minor defects. Download link from the side bar as usual.

May 2nd, 2014
- Fixed bug in the Tacpack code which prevented AIM-54C missile seeker to achieve a lock on L&S target
- Fixed minor bug in the Multi-status indicator (station 8B did not report the Ready/Selected status for AIM-54 missiles)
- Clean up of Tacpack code
- Added HYD PRESS animated needle in Virtual Cockpit
- Added AIM-54 in STA1B and 8B in Virtual Cockpit
- Fixed in-flight refuel ration while using Tacpack

Non-Tacpack users can gracefully skip the update as it (almost) have no impact for them.


Anonymous said...

After setting throttle to MAX MIL or above(AB) for a while, the N1 indicators stick on the MAX MIL even I pulled back the throttle. I have to shutdown and restart the engines to make a landing. It seems only happen when Tacpack loaded.

Anonymous said...

I totally jealous of your "joy ride" in the MB.326; look forward to doing that in the Sim instead.

Also, Thank you Dino for your continued hard work on this project...

...I have a few things to report (v2.29) not major but annoying none the less for someone as detail oriented as me...
1. on MFD's (both) the CSEL decrease value Function (soft key) does NOT decrease the CSEL values; must be missing in the code as it happens on both MFD's.
2. There are NO Taxi/Landing lights visible from within the VC or from the external model on the ground to illuminate the surrounding at night.
3. When the Launch bar is triggered and the Tomcat squats (great job animating this BTW), after launch the nose wheel remains in the squatted position even if retracted and extended again. Yikes!!!
4. Finally, how does one assign the sweep lever to an axis; which axis is it programmed to? If not, can you make this possible at some point?

Downloading v2.30 now and will let you know; till then, Thanks again and do keep up the good work.

James Chams

Eliahu Bitton said...

Do the weapons on your planes will work without tacpack?

if yes how?

Anonymous said...

orry for the intrusion into your day. Hopefully you can answer this question without me taking up too much of your time.

When trying to locate a tanker that I spawned in tackpack I can't find any symbology or navaid to fly towards it. I get a distance and time to target on the HUD but no icons or symbology for direction. Am I doing something wrong? I enter the vor frequency in lieu of tacan. My guess is I'm just doing something simple wrong.

Please don't take this as a complaint -- your work is flawless and a true gift to all of us wannabe fighter jocks.

Thanks for your time