Monday, March 11, 2013

F-14D Tomcat for Flight Simulator X:Acceleration version 2.00 Initial Release (limited introduction)

 VF-101 Grim Reapers "retro" demo bird BuNo.164601. The virtual cockpit has been modeled on pictures of this very same bird, as preserved at Castle Air Museum - courtesy of its "plane captain" at the museum, mr.Ken Simmons.

Virtual cockpit features highly accurate HUD from Jivko Rusev. Some of the graphics on the lower corners can be difficult to read due to the projection method used...

VF-2 Bounty Hunters, high visibility repaint courtesy of Jiri Soukup, who also kindly provided other amazing liveries. Also, the package has accurate custom sounds courtesy of Serge Luzin. is ready, more or less.Here is the release build of the F-14D. It is not 100% bug free, and some functions are not working as they should or could... but at this point I believe it is good enough for release and, although I do not like too much patches and fixes, they are a good method of improving the product quality - so expect some coming for the F-14, too.
This is a "limited" introduction - that is the file will initially be available only on Google Docs. This is done ONLY to verify that the file works (i.e. there are no catastrophic issues) before releasing to repositories like Avsim or Flightsim. The file is 128Mb so, Google Docs is likely to have bandwith issues. Rest assued that the file will be released to the usual servers asap.

I'd like to thank all the contributors, the testers and the supporters that allowed this freeware project to reach its current level of quality and features. Credits as follows:
3D model,textures,virtual cockpit and flight model by: Dino Cattaneo;
Head Up display by Jivko Rusev, based on code by Scott Printz;
Custom XML controls by Rob Barendregt;
Sound package by Serge Luzin;
VF-31 and VF-2 repaints by Jiri Soukup;
VF-213 repaint reworked on an original by Hanimichal;
After installation, you may want to read the manual (in the SimObjects/Airplanes/Grumman_F14D/docs folder of your main FSX installation folder) or at least read the Readme file, as some special functions (like the auto/manual wingsweep) may require some explanation.

Please note that Beta and development files have been deleted from the server.


Jiri said...

So the wait is finally over :) Thank you Dino for this beautiful tribute to legendary aircraft.

It was fun testing and repainting your aircraft, I'm already looking forward to your future projects!

Now I'm only thinking about what to do next, since I saw some requests for fictional liveries from A and B. J.

Jiri said...

Just to add, there are two things to that:

First, I'm kinda nitpick when it comes to visual accuracy even if it's a virtual world, so I'm not sure if I'm up for seeing A/B liveries on D.

On the other hand, those liveries are going to come out eventually anyway and since I'm familiar with textures and model, it's shouldn't be a problem for me to do them. I'll decide, J.

Carss said...

Amazing work, its finally out, cant wait to try!!

Unknown said...


Thanks once again for your great repaints!
Sticking to non-fictional A/B liveries, there are some which may be worth looking into. VF-31 and VF-213 lo-viz and other special colors for example. There was also a nice one from NAWS.

Then, many F-14Ds have been painted in "old school" colors to serve as gate guardians...

Unknown said...

...actually it wasn't NAWS but NAWC, these are what I meant:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your work. High-vis variant of th VF-2 is my favourite livery!

Carss said...

Hey Dino, if you have time can you make a small repaint package containing the following (wolfspack, Jolly Rogers, and Black Aces), thanks in advance!!

Jiri said...


I'm glad I could contribute :)

And problem with some liveries is that there aren't many photos or at least decal sheets and drawings of them. And I don't want to guess, so future repaints will probably depend on how many reference materials I'll be able to find.

Angel said...

Muchas gracias Dino, todos agradecemos este esfuerzo gratuito que has hecho durante años aportando a nuestro hobbie una calidad inmejorable con tus maravillosos modelos. Un gran abrazo.
Dino thank you very much, appreciate all the effort you've done free for years bringing unmatched quality to our hobby with your wonderful models. A big hug.

Arkady said...

Tre Urrah per Dino!

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Thanks for the appreciation, as usual!

Since the file is confirmed to be free of major issues, it has been uploaded to Avsim and is now available there, too. Upload to FlightSim via ftp failed (disconnected from the server) - after several attempts I gave up.

Jiri said...

OK so I'm giving Jolly Rogers hi-vis scheme green light. I saw numerous requests and I think it'll be welcomed. Just don't expect anything until the end of this week, please.

By the way, Dino, if you reading this, can you say this to guys at SOH? I can't register there and I want them to know. And I'd like to thank them for appreciation of my repaints, those VF-2 screenshots there are really great! It's also big motivation to continue work on this bird :) J.

Anonymous said...


pitijm said...

Hello Dino,

thank you so much.

Best regards.


Unknown said...


Should it help to mitigate the uneasiness I feel when I do "fictional" modeling, please note that Bu.No.164604 has been painted with Jolly Rogers color "posthumusly"... :-)

Carss said...

So does that mean you will be soon releasing a paint in Jolly Rogers colors?? And also did the F-14D in reality ever actually have the Jolly Rogers color?

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your hard work

Jiri said...


Only active-duty squadrons using F-14D were Tomcatters, Grim Reapers, Bounty Hunters and Black Lions. VX-4 and VX-9 were test and evaluation squadrons.

And yes, I want to release Jolly Rogers scheme soon, but it will be work of fiction, since JR never had D model as stated above.
As for the other schemes, I'll decide later, but it will depend on how many reference materials I'll be able to find, since I don't want to recreate livery inacuratelly from one blurry photo.

Unknown said...


I believe VF-11 "Red Rippers" had the F-14D for a few years in the early 90s, and then it was "downgraded" to the F-14B due to the limited number of F-14D manufactured.

Jolly Rogers never had the F-14D. The only F-14D ever to wear the skull and crossbones livery was, afaik, 164604 in static display after retirement.

Jiri said...

You're right Dino, VF-11 indeed had F-14D for some time. And there are a lot of photos of certain VF-11 liveries, so I can jump into it right after Jolly Rogers :)

And I'll probably stick to JR F-14B instead of D, after all, I think it doesn't really matter that much in simulator as long as it looks good :) J.

Unknown said...


Actually 164604, when serving as gate guardian, was also painted in Fighting Checkmates, Tomcatters and Puking Dogs.

The scheme in the link is identical to the F-14B Vf-103 scheme - the only difference I can find is the VFA-103 (instead of VF) due to the new designation of the squadron... My two cents, since it is personal taste, but if I were to do a JR bird, I'd do 164604...just because it is a little "less fictional" :-)

Anonymous said...


This airplane is incredible! I love it! THank you for releasing it, and as FREEware! Your best work so far. I cant stop looking at the model!

A couple of nit-picks:

The wings start sweeping WAY too early. Just watch some videos on youtube; they narrate the sweep speed and its always 350kts to 400 kts before they start moving. I spoke to my professor who used to fly F-14's, and he said they normally began to sweep at 0.55 Mach (he said around 360 Kts). The air scoops on the ventral fins under the engines are on the wrong side (oops!). They should be on the left side, not the right side. And the flaps are supposed to be fowler style, sliding back and down. The way they're modeled are plain flaps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yet another great aircraft Dino!! Just a question; can you tell me where I can find the paintkit for this beauty?

Jiri said...

@Bootslover: There's no paintkit, but a few posts back Dino published clean textures for download, so you have to work with them.

Unknown said...


once again, thanks for your appreciation.

Few quick replies:

PAINTKIT - Jiri is right, there is no paintkit available. I am not used to work with layered PSD, so the best I can provide was a clean set of textures. It is available on this post:

Disregard the part with the "upated 3D model" - the one in the release build is newer.

FOWLER FLAPS - This issue was already highlighted on the Beta. The flaps geometry split was part of the original 3D model I started from - it was decided to leave it as is beacasue changing it was too time consuming.

FIN SCOOPS - Same a above

WING SWEEP - Speeds were taken straight from the NATOPS, although the main difference is that the actual sweep logic is non-linear. This is easy to fix.

LANDING LIGHT - Again, a known issue. For some reason, "regular" landing lights (embedded in 3d model, and lighting the runway properly) are not working. Tried several time and they won't work.

Jiri said...

Jolly Rogers scheme is done and should be available on usual sites soon (I'm uploading on avsim, flightsim, simviation and ozx)

Next in the line is hi-vis VF-11 Red Rippers. J.

Chris said...

That virtual cockpit is ace, love the detail. Beats my Cessna 172 hands down. I think I'll be getting this installed asap.

Dan said...

Hey Dino, amazing aircraft ! Are you planing to have external payload and noze wheel animation for cat shot ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work!!
Great fun to fly!

Anonymous said...

Great work Mr. Dino. The sonic boom works, but there is no contrails/ vapor trails, or exhaust. Just wondering if you added that stuff and it just doesn't work work me...? Like the new After Burners!

Jean-Pierre,Cannes France said...

Great PROFESSIONNAL job Outstangding bird

Ghostrider said...

Idea for repainters: VF-24 Camel Smoker Tomcat (F-14B/D) And a NAWC Test aircraft.

Unknown said...

hello if someone could help me my F-14 by Dino Cattaneo I get only external tanks, and I deployed missiles in different seasons under the plane or in the pylons that support has under her wings, if someone can help me to do what appears missile appreciate, thank you very much for reading this mail

Unknown said...

hello if someone could help me my F-14 by Dino Cattaneo I get only external tanks, and I deployed missiles in different seasons under the plane or in the pylons that support has under her wings, if someone can help me to do what appears missile appreciate, thank you very much for reading this mail

Jiri said...

Jorge, old version had weapons mounted, but this new version is clean and with fuel tanks only. Look at new posts and on Dino's Facebook (Indiafoxtecho), he's preparing update that will allow usage of some weapons. J.

Anonymous said...

How accurate is the flight model on this?

Unknown said...

Thanks Dino Cattaneo for the every efforts on this mighty Cat <3.

A quick question, is there a way to change loadout without tacpack?? like sort of xml values? just visually hide the bombs, LARTIN... etc.

Thank you.

Tom Smith said...

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Nikkei_Simmer said...

I still say the VF-41 Black Aces should have gotten the F-14D or B instead of the Super Hornet and will believe that to my dying day. However I'll just enjoy the "fake" VF-41 F-14D livery till I can snag Aerosoft's F-14A for authenticity's sake.

Thanks for a great job on this F-14. Dino.