Sunday, August 12, 2012

F-14D Tomcat 2.00

Here are two screenshots of the new F-14D - external model still needs more work, especially in the cockpit area and in the animations (by the way, this time I think it is better to control the wing sweep manually with flaps controls...but still TBD).
Do not expect anthing to be ready before late Autumn, anyway, as there is plenty of work to do on the virtual cockpit.


Jiri said...

Great news Dino. Two questions though. Are you going to do some paint jobs too? I really missed some nice schemes flying your Tomcat.
And what about modelling different loadouts like on F-35. Maybe also switchable through loadout panel or shift+number. There's nothing sexier than Tomcat loaded with AIM-54. But I guess there's still a lot of time to come up with ideas and stuff...

Javier said...

Will Tomcat 2.0 have the ability to kneel when doing Catlaunches?? IRIS NEW f14 has this feature. ALSO, will this new Tomcat have a realistic afterburner effect???