Monday, March 1, 2010

F-35A Beta version ready for test

Just a quick note to let you know that the Beta 1 version is complete. There are some nasty bugs (like the tendency of the MFD to turn into a complete mess fo no apparent reason) and some of the planned functionality is still missing - but should be a huge step forward with respect to the Alpha.
Since it is pretty late in the night (and since I am too sleepy to do ir right now) the files will not be packed and sent to the recipients today. I will do that asap (not sure if tomorrow or Tuesday). I will make a post once the emails have been sent.


Aki said...

I'm amazed your modelling and stuff is getting better and more neat every time you release something. Can't wait for the F-35, which is considered as the next multirole fighter plane used in Japan.

ashley said...

Really, Japan dont have any ties to the project so far... I thought they were trying to buy F-22s?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


I still have to find the time to pack the files and send them... I have to confess that this operation has been delayed also due to the fact that there is an interesting film festival in my town...and I'm spending most of my evenings there.

Hopefully I will send the emails when I go back home tonight...

Also, given the increasing number of spam comments,some of which were links to porn sites,I am seriously considering to introduce comments moderation.

@Ashley and Aki
AFAIK, Japan (as well as other countries) is not (yet) officially involved in the F-35 program, but the future adoption the Lightning II is seriously being considered.

Given the fact that there are not many models you can buy, the F-35 is likely to be the best option for many countries, as it packs the best value-for-money IMHO. The main obstacle to further exports is the will (and convenience) to involve local industries - and on which kind of technology (e.g.Israel and the well-known issue of the F-35 source code).