Tuesday, February 23, 2010

F-35 Project update

F-35A Final outer model for Beta release

While the Beta build is still not complete yet (I'm still adding MFD functionalities), I've finally managed to go through all the CR's from the Alpha and implement fixes where possible.
There is still some work to be done, but in any case I will release the Beta 1 the next weekend (even if it will only have the AA-1 model and still miss some of the MFD functionality).

Here are the changes implemented in response to the Alpha test feedback:

  1. Nozzle animation incorrect -> Redone nozzle animation (but still linked to throttle)
  2. Jaggies nearby the engine intake area -> Modified fuselage model, (but it is still slightly visible)
  3. Excessive gap between engine nozzle and fuselage -> Modified geometry to get rid of the gap on AA-1 model (NOTE: AF-1 and subsequent planes have a different design)
  4. Wheel/tires animation incorrect -> Fixed wheel parameters in .cfg file
  5. Navigation lights missing -> Placed lights in .cfg file
  6. Covers for auxiliary air intakes missing when using SHIFT+E+4 command. -> Modeled auxiliary air inlet cover, but I will not model additional ribbons and covers as I'm saving polys for the weapons model
  7. Irregular bumps in the external model -> Redone fuselage geometry
  8. Poor detail in the refuel receptacle -> Refuel receptacle modeled
  9. Poor detail in the nose landing gear -> Redone most parts of the main gear and applied new textures.
  10. AIM-120 not attached to hardpoints -> modeled hardpoints for AA-1 will model LAU-147 for operative model
  11. Nose gear door detail/accuracy not good enough -> Redesigned hinge and added actuator and new texture
  12. Request to model the lights in more detail -> No additional modeling (issues in Boolean operations geometry), but better texture. Miscellaneous other actions (not requested by testers)
  13. Wrong size of main gear wheels / tires -> Modified model
  14. Add detail to the main fuselage texture diffuse/spec/bump -> Enhanced textures
  15. Fix mistake in texture UVW in the inner side of air intake -> Fixed
  16. Add separate moving part for weapon door hinge - visible on real plane on closer inspection, not modeled -> Modeled (note:unsure if real design is changed in AF-1)
  17. A/c is sitting rather low on the main gear. Changes to the animation sequence and contact points needed. -> Changed animations and .cfg file, a/c now sits correctly

To do list:

- Better afterburner effect

No action / CR reject:



NOTE: VC functionality has been completely redone with new custom HUD by Jivko Rusev and Scott Printz and new custom MFD - The list below covers only issues on the Alpha build that are applicable to Beta

  1. Virtual cockpit frame rate low / excessive number of polygons -> Optimization led to a 15% reduction in polys and removal of 2 texture sheets
  2. Minor texturing UWV misplacement on cockpit floor -> Fixed
  3. VC night lighting too bright -> Changed .fx file
  4. Incorrect tooltip showing "parking brake" in the battery area -> Fixed
  5. Visual hole aboce the pedals (polygons missing) -> Fixed
  6. "No Hold" texture stretched above ejection seat -> Fixed
  7. Stick movement excessive if compared to real F-35 stick -> Fixed

To do list:

- Complete rework of the cockpit XML (80% done - Many MFD buttons/pages are now functional)

No action / CR reject:

- "patches" on the side of the Vc glass are unconnected to the canopy; Action: modify the Vc model -> No action. Unclear how the area looks like in reality.

- Explosivc cord not connected to glass -> No action. Better leave as is to avoid clipping.


Note: special thanks to Roberto Leonardo for some of the fixes.

  1. Excessive top speed -> Redone Wave drag table. Now it is approximately Mach 1.69
  2. Weak brakes -> Fixed brakes effectiveness
  3. Pitch changes depending on throttle setting -> Fixed/mitigated with new .air file
  4. Pitch changes when activating virtual speedbrake -> Fixed/mitigated with new .air file
  5. Low roll rate -> Fixed with new .cfg file
  6. Excessive loss of energy during high-G turns -> Fixed with new .air file (may be slightly too good now?)
  7. Virtual speedbrakes not much effective -> Fixed
  8. A/c prone to yaw instability during takeoff run -> Mitigated (but not completely solved - further stabilization led to a behaviour unresponsive to rudder)

To do list:

-Nothing, awaiting Beta test

No action / CR reject:

- High AoA dynamics causes excessively low stall speed (75kts)-> No action - left as is not to screw landing behaviour (which seems good)

- Check landing attitude AoA -> No action. Landing behaviour seems good for most users

- Full flap deployment happens at low speed -> No action. Left under FSX automatic control as maneuver flaps


ashley said...

The Beta will be the same deal as the Alpha i assume?

Chris said...

Will the beta only be distributed to certain people?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...
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ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Yes, basically the Beta will be distributed to the same group of people who tested the Alpha release.

schmooze13 said...

Wow....... There is a lot of detail!!! Looking good!!