Sunday, January 10, 2010

F-35 project - Beta testing application / UPDATE

Finished model of the Beta (and yes, I've added the wheel chocks!).

Thanks for the outstanding response to my request for Beta test pilots. The quantity (and quality) of the applications is largely above my expectations, and definitely much more than what I can handle.
I will pick 10-12 testers maximum - my apologies in advance to those whose will be left out. I really appreciate the support of everyone, but, being this a small (almost)one-man-band project, I do not have the time to manage the feedback and information-flow of a much larger group.
I will try to reply to each e-mail, but it could take a couple of days.
By the way, as per emails and previous posts, Beta version will be sent, upon request, to anyone who has sent a Paypal donation for my freeware projects before January 7th. These Beta copies will not count towards the 10/12 limit.


Anonymous said...

How Long is the beta applications open for? I'm on holidays for a few more days with no way to check computer specs.

Anonymous said...

Don't wry bout it I found them.

Anonymous said...

i have seen your question: "is there such a big gap between engine and fuselage in the F35"

shortly after that i stumpled across this particular picture. hope it helps you.

Thank you for your excellent stuff!