Sunday, January 27, 2019

Eurofighter Update to version 1.21

I had no plans for any short-term update to the Eurofighter Typhoon…. but it turned out that 1.20 had a bug so that you could not select Storm Shadows anymore and I cannot stand and update that brings reduced functionality, so I took the chance and made further improvements to the new cockpit geometry, added IR mode to the PIRATE, added the "ubuntu" model for the twn seater and improved the animations in both the "ubuntu" models. Here is the list of changes:

- Fixed bug in SSK code preventing selection of StormShadow missile
- Fixed several minor geometry issues with the new VC model
- Added "UBUNTU"* model option also for the twin seater
- Improved animation of "UBUNTU"* models
- Added possibility to switch between IR/CCD and WHOT/BLOT modes also to the PIRATE
- Harmonized notation of TFLIR/IR Imagery as follows: IR denotes P3D "pseudo-IR" rendering, CCD denotes normal rendering

* - The default visual model of the Eurofigher uses several custom animations which are not compatible with multiplayer: specifically the control surface will show in "rest" position to any player not using an Eurofighter. In order to avoid this, users may prefer to activate the "ubuntu" model option. To do this, go into the MODEL folder (of the Eurofighter_2000 and Eurofighter_2000T folders in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder), open the model.cfg with Notepad and then comment out the "normal" model line and uncomment the line indicated in the file itself. This will replace the external model with one with less-accurate-but-multiplayer-compatible animations.
The activation of such models must be done independently for the single and twin seater models.

The update can be dowloaded by clicking HERE or from the side bar.

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