Wednesday, July 4, 2018

USS America LHA6 - Public Beta

See release notes in later post

I have been notified that the names in the sim.cfg may cause issues in AICarriers - the objects have been renamed and should work now, but please let me know

Happy 4th of July to all my American supporters!
As some of you are aware of, lately I have been working on a USS America model - this was developed mostly because I wanted a proper "home" for my F-35B.
This was initially intended to be part of the next update to the F-35 project… but I thought it was better to release it for free for a number of reasons: for one, the development resources spent for this ship have been quite limited….but the main one is that I think that a ship like this was much needed, not only for the F-35, but also for the SH-60, CH-53 and Osprey pilots.
Given that this is my first ship, most likely there will be a number of inaccuracies and mistakes: suggestions and bug reports are welcome, as usual - if at all possible submit your feedback as comments of this post.

NOTE: This is SimObject boat! You need Tacpack, AICarriers, SimDirector or similar applications to spawn it in game.

- Detailed model of USS America LHA-6, including aicrafts and deck crew.
- Three configurations:
 - Empty deck
 - F-35 Operations
 - MV-22 Operations
- Landable deck
- Night Lighting (preliminary)

You can dowload the BETA version by clicking HERE.


Drew Bolton said...

I have not seen anything out of the ordinary yet with it. I can tell you that it works fine in P3Dv4.3. I am also testing something by SWS which I can confirm it works with. You may want to speak to the guys at SWS (SimWorks Studios), about possibly getting it fully integrated with their Carrier Extensions system. I think it is a match made in heaven!

Outstanding work Dino! I am going to let my friend who served on one of these ships take a look at this, and see if he has any fine points to share with you.

Subdriver said...

Thanks Dino, she's a very nice ship. Another resource might be Walter at SOH (CIMOGT).
He's already done hangar decks, well deck, moving elevators, moving doors, advanced lighting, control load-out panels, etc. for other ships. That would really enhance
a great model.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@Drew Bolton
Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the tip, however I have decided not to do the hangar deck (nor having moving doors or elevatpr or other features, which are not very difficult to do) to leave the resources for higher detail textures and polys. Aside, LHA-6 does not have a well deck.

Harald Nowak said...

The yellow boxes where the V22 main and nose gear should be placed in in a good landing are slightly to far apart fro both the V22 models on deck and the mariardi V22.

Rob Barendregt said...

Hi Dino,

Beautifull ship model, thanks !!

A proper place to launch/land the F35B and MV22B.

Small comment:

- As Harald said: the deck textures for nose/main gear positions are too far apart for the MV22B.

- The anchor chain (c.q. docking cable ??) on the left/front side always remains visible, even if the ship is moving …

Cheers, Rob

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@ Harald and Rob

- Will fix the textures - easy change, thanks

- As for the anchor chain, I am not sure I've spotted it...

Unknown said...

Is there any chance that you could make the helicopter or ospreys do like circuits of the carrier. You don't have to but it would be so cool and on the f35 variant on the f35s wing clips another aircraft's wing.

Unknown said...

I just want to say this is the best LHA model I have come across. Just a little suggestion on your landing box placement. Please take this with a grain of salt, it's coming from a CH46e pilot. If the procedures are the same then the line up is as follows. Sight picture: Upside down T with a 45 degree line extending from the right angle to the right. We drive up the 45degree line until just crossing the deck. While crossing the deck we kick the tail right, continue to slide up the 45 until the base of the T is under our butt and the vertical line is down the center of the aircraft. Then come into a hover, hold and set it down. If everything is lined up, your wheels will be in the boxes. Great model!!!

Semper Fi!!!!!!

Dino Cattaneo said...

@Unknown - 1

It is possible to have aicrafts to do circuits, but the overall lenght animation would not make it "realistic" in terms of circuit lenght or flight path.

@Unknown - 2

Actually wheel boxes placement is inaccurate... will be fixed asap.

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Victory103 said...

Dino, downloading the new beta and only a suggestion based on current Harrier operations and recent VMFA-121 F35 boat det, they do not take the entire squadron out on MEU deployments, only detachments (6-8 aircraft), that might free up some polys in the F-35 config.

JLPhoto said...

I enjoy carrier flying, but I only have AI Carriers installed. Does that mean I can't use it in P3Dv4.3 since you writes it needs TacPac?