Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SIAI S-211 / Aermacchi M-345 Release, Manual and Paintkit

The SIAI-Marchetti S-211 package is now available for purchase at SimMarket! It will be available soon from other distributors, too.
The SimMarket page is HERE.

Aside, here is the link to the paint kit:
S-211/M-311/M-345 Paintkit
Note that the model has 3 visual variants: one for the S-211, one for the M-311/M-345 demonstrator and one for the M-345 prototype. You should use the template relative to the model you want to repaint.

Last here is a link to the manual.pdf (althout a copy of the manual is included in the package, in the S-211/docs folder).
S-211/M-311/M-345 Product Manual

There are few controls which are not documented:
- Clickling the rearview mirror will make it reflective (dynamical reflections supported in P3Dv3.1 and above)
- Clicking on the throttle friction (when throttle is at idle) will set the throttle to stop
- Clicking on the stick will make it disappear, and to make it re-appear you will have to click the pedal adjustment knob.

Last there is a small bug in the M-345HET so that you cannot set the CRS... will fix that in the first patch.


WanderfalkeAT said...

Great Stuff, Dino. Hope I will get it quick after filling my PayPal account again.
These Trainers are cool, and I believe Austria is looking to buy some new Trainers when these old Saab-105OE finaly die of old age, so I probably make a Austrian Skin for it :) Did you know that Diamond Aircraft is making 2 Seat Tandem Military Turboprop Trainers now? They make them where I work. Diamond DART 450 they are called!

Edmondo Usai said...

chiedo scusa ma io l'inglese non lo mastico proprio, qualunque cosa sia scritta io non la capisco non ci sarebbe una scritta in Italiano? vorrei proprio capire cosa posso fare.

Dino Cattaneo said...

Buonasera Edmondo.
Mi scuso per l'assenza di indicazioni nella nostra lingua - Le assicuro che non è per mancanza di amore per l'idioma natio o per scarso patriottismo, ma solo per praticità dell'inglese come lingua veicolare.
Il link contenuti nel posto consentono di scaricare il paintkit (per ridipingere la livrea con programmi di grafica tipo PaintShop Pro) e scaricare copia del manuale.
Ci sono inoltre indicazioni per alcune funzioni non documentate nel manuale, ovvero:
- cliccando sullo specchietto retrovisore questo diventa riflettente (in p3dV4)
- cliccando sullo stick lo si fa sparire (per farlo ricomparire occorre cliccare sulla manopola di regolazione dei pedali)
- cliccando sulla manopola di frizione della manetta, quando la manetta è in posizione di IDLE, la si porta in posizione di STOP.

Kim Eric said...

Hello dino. I told this before. Can you make tflir in fsx version? Sorry but like iris simulation, there is a-10 fsx version that have flir. Therefore, I think you can make tflir at 3 years later. 😄😄

Anonymous said...

Let L-410 Turbolet would be another good one to do

Unknown said...

I second the Let L-410 vote!

Anonymous said...

Hi, when is Eurofighter V110 released as i've seen repaints for it?


Eric Kim said...

Hello dino. Can I use your f-35(newest version) in my fsx?

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