Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Military Avatars Package for Prepar3D v3.0

Starting from version 3.0, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D has introduced the "avatar mode": that is the user can detach himself/herself from the vehicle and explore the virtual world in first or third person perspective.
By default Prepar3D v3.0 only features a generic, civilian male figure - this package expands the selection of avatar figures to include a variety of military figures. Figures included in the package are:
- Military pilot in full flight gear with HGU-33 helmet
- Military pilot in full flight gear with HGU-55 helmet.
- Military pilot in full flight gear without helmet (pictured above)
- Generic serviceman figure in working uniform, in a variety of camouflages
- Crew chief figure (same as serviceman figure but with specific head gear)
- Carrier flight deck figure
The figures feature hand-made animation for:
- walking
- crouch down / stand up
- running
- swimming
The animations are pretty basic, and definitely not on par with the most advanced videogames, therefore you may want to check them in the video below before purchasing.
The package will be available at all major flight simulation digital marketplaces - price may vary a litttle depeding on distribution fees and national VAT taxation.
Q: Does these avatars work in FSX or Prepar3D v2.0? 
A: NO. This package will work exlusively with Prepar3D v3.0.
Q: Can I use these avatars with any vehicle? Or they are bound to IndiaFoxtEcho aicrafts?
A: The avatars are SimObjects, and can be used with any vehicle.
Q: Is a paintkit available?
A: Yes. A paintkit is provided for the serviceman figures, along with an optional figure with a beret instead of a cap to allow repainters to depict specific units. 
Q: Well... models look cool... but what is the purpose other than taking cool pictures? 
A: This is a good question. The intent, for one, is to allow multiple vehicle simulation scenarios for training purposes...but, for one, you can explore the virtual world in a new perspective... some sceneries like Orbx airports or some freeware and payware carriers are really worth exploring. Also, you can use the avatars as observers in multiplayer sessions.
Q: Hand gestures would be awesome in multiplayer... have you tought about that?
A: Of course... but we have not found a way to drive completely custom actions yet... this is one of the very first avatars add-ons... and avatar features and possibilities are not well documented in the SDK, so it may well be that in future this becomes a possibility.
Q: Boy...those animatons are awful!
A: I know. The original plan was to have motion capture animations, but we had to change them to hand-made basic animations for technical difficulties... maybe in future we can solve the issue and provide an update, but for the moment you'll have to leave with the current animations (but do not say we have not warned you!)
Q: This is payware?!? Aren't you Dino, the cool freeware guy?
A: Yes...payware. The whole package relies on commercial 3D data, and investing money was the only way to create it... so I have to charge for this. Sorry.
Q: I am not paying for this sh*t!
A: Ok! You can still enjoy our freeware offerings, and hopefully we'll have you on board as customer of the upcoming F-35 Lightning II version 3.00 package.




Christian said...

I wish FSX-P3D could stay away from that FPS look but this is an interesting enhancement, especially with the increasing detail and quality of the sceneries.
Thumbs up! As usual, great job Dino!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful addition Dino, will be nice to do a walk-around on that F-35 before taking it for a spin :)

Unknown said...


...the F-35 will come with its own HDMS-equipped avatar! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dino , great stuff!!! one problem , you used commas in the title= ... in the sim.cfg and that makes the simobjects not to be accepted by P3D V3 in the prepar3d.cfg as defaults, they can be selected OK in the Sim but not default, I had to remove the commas to be able to make them default in prepar3d.cfg.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


noted - thanks.
I will fix that in an update once the number of changes and improvements reach a critical mass.

Sammy Holmes said...

Wonderful Dino, love the Avatar package. Having some fun doing my Pre-Flights now and walking around on the deck of the ship.

Unknown said...

Great work Dino! Have you given any consideration to including the option of selecting ethnic avatars as well?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Yes I did - the only reason why I have not included them is the overall number of possible variations... just including few options would make the number of models be over 100.

topsoftwaredealer.com said...
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Unknown said...


Happy to support your work. So much that I bought your avatar package without owning a copy of P3D v3! I do have a question for you. Will you be using any other websites besides FlightsimPilotShop.com? Second time I have used the site and experienced download issues

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

tbump34 - well... THANKS!
Anyway the package is on sale at SimMarket, FlightSimStore and FSPilotShop. I will use all of these for the F-35.

NOTE - comment #9 deleted as it was spamming.

topsoftwaredealer.com said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lenninscjay said...

Hey dino, hope this isn't too much of a necro. Just wanted to say that the quality of your f-35 models warrant you charging for it, no need to feel bad. The price seems reasonable too. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Could you guys do a Antonov 70?

Unknown said...

Just a comment, it's not a "First person" but more like "Third person".

Anyway, as always you're doing a great job.

And I will pay for your free and payware job!


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