Thursday, June 26, 2014

...and yet another Tomcat update (version 2.32)

I believe it is hardly surprising that, while testing the S-3B Viking, few more minor bugs pop out on the other aicrafts... and I feel the urge to fix them (this is getting embarassing... as starting to look like a mild for of OCD)...

Anyway, here is the list of changes:
June 26th, 2014
- Fixed very minor glitch in ADI backlighting
- Fixed bug preventing HUD Declutter to work
- Reworked stores configurator: now shows current weights and limitations
- Fixed bug preventing "LAUNCH" button in RIO stations from working. Button now fires A/A missiles.
- Few additional buttons can now be switched on/off (but no function)
- Added automatic retraction of launch bar
- Fixed bug preventing the manual control of the Radar Elevation in the RIO cockpit (Tacpack). Radar is anyway re-centered when A/S or GUN mode is invoked.
Download from the side bar as usual. Let me know if those fixes screwed up something else (as it is sometimes the case - the F-14D avionics is starting to be quite a large piece of code and mistakes may well happen!)


Anonymous said...

Awsome. With this fix done will we get a fix for the brakes on the f35. They have been like that since the original release. Seems to shutter bad at idle with or without the brake being applied.

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

Good day,

An update for the F-35 is in progress, but, as discussed several times, the root cause of the shaking behaviour is not identified (and it is definitely not the brake system) and seems to be an instability in the FSX contact point engine.
Trying hard as I will, I could not fix that.
I know it is disappointing and spoils the experience but I still hope that the F-35 is enjoyable all the same

krijn van weteringen said...

Can you also take a look at F35 rnlaf texture because the roundel under the right wing is upside down

Dino Cattaneo said...

...sorry for that! Will check it and fix the roundel.
Anyway, the next in line for an upate is the T-45C (Tacpack will soon support training ordnance...)

Anonymous said...

The name of the file is: Is that correct, because this is version 2.32?

Anonymous said...

I see the right file now. Thank you.