Wednesday, April 23, 2014

F-35 Lightning II - Update to version 2.40

In a futile attempt to clean my virtual factory to make room for the roll-out of the S-3B Viking, here is an update to the F-35 project. No big changes, but several minor fixes I had collected over time. Change log for the update, which can be downloaded frome the side bar as usual, is as follows:

Version 2.40
April 22nd 2014
- Added functionality to external tanks: if tanks are present, it is possible to fill the "external tanks 1 and 2" (461 gallons each).
  If tanks are absent, any fuel in those slots will be immediately depleted. External fuel quantity appear in
- Added IFF Friend cue (UNTESTED in multiplayer). A "FRIEND" cue will appear if a A/A missile is locked on a friendly A/C and the target
  is within launch range.
- Added DUD cue to bombs (flashing cross for CCIP, flashing "DUD" on AUTO and MAN modes).
- Fixed A/S Targeting issues. Now "ENTER" designates aicraft boresight, while TRIGGER designated HMD LOS.
- Fixed minor bug in ENG page
- Fixed rendering issue in F-35C external model
- Minor improvements to autopilot logic (still not working as intended in many instances)
- Fixed bug causing unnecessary opening of weapon bay doors
- Fixed bug causing occasional uncommanded release of ordnance
- Changed in flight refuel logic, now with more realistic fuel rate (takes minutes to refill the A/C - UNTESTED)
- Added 2D MFD (SHIFT+5) to all aicrafts (feature previously available as patch)

...and yes, there is an update for the T-45C in the works, which will mostly add some missing details in the cockpit and will increase the texture resolution...but this is not complete yet, and may take another week or two to be done.

As for the S-3, my current ETA is to have a Alpha build by mid may...and possibly a Beta in June, and a release once the Beta is debugged. I can tell you it is coming along quite nicely.
I have not yet decided if the Alpha and Beta builds will be public - please do not write asking to partecipate. I will post relevant instructions either on this blog or on facebook.

Also, provided there are no catastrophic issues, this may well be the last FSX-compatible update for the F-35 Project... Prepar3D v2.2 offers native sensor support (we could have ASR, TFLIR and DAS native support)...and it may be a better choice for the future of the project. But in any case, the focus is now on the S-3B Viking. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dino, awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the discontinuation for FSX, but thank you very much for all the great work that you put into making the F-35, its such a great addition to my FSX hangar!

Luke Z. said...

In my FSX, the main screen always shows EMER MODE. I tried your instructions for VTOL carefully, but it still doesn't work. What's the problem?

ScimmiaSpaziale said...

@Luke Z

Does the green copyright message appear on the top of your screen when you load the F-35?
If so the module is OK... and you are probably doing something wrong.
If not, the module may be missing elements (please read the installation stage of the manual)

@ Anonymous - I am not saying I quit FSX in general... but there seem to be no other improvements I'd like to implement to the F-14 and F-35 in FSX.

Luke Z. said...

Yes, the green message appears when I load the jet. The stovl/hook button is lifting the hook at the A and C model correctly, but just in the B version there's no reaction. The rest of the plane works absolut perfect.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be GPS steering for F-35s? Oh by the way fantastic model!

Mark said...

I would really love to use your F-35 MFDs extraction and show the results (with additional, big touch screen). The MFDs appear after using your shortcut (on the main screen) but when I try to drag and drop it on another screen, it does not appear there. Could you please advise how to move the MFDs on another screen?

Seth said...

Hey Dino! Incredible work!! I'm finishing up my home f35 pit and wondering what each of the throttle functions are? do you have a diagram of them from working on the real F35?

madmanbear said...

Hello Dino fuel rate is miles too slow from some testing . needs increasing a little otherwise brilliant work!!!!

madmanbear said...

that the refeul rate BTW :)

colo capacco said...

i have the same question, does someone know why it says EMER MODE? or EXER MODE ( as seen on the lockheed martin's f35 demonstration video on youtube). in the pdf manual doesnt found nothing about it. nor on google. btw im veeeeery gratefull beacouse of all your work on this model, one of the best things i have found ever on the whole internet

colo capacco said...

excuse me, i have a couple of questions: with the thing of "EMER MODE", arent we meaning "EXER MODE"? standing for exercise, instead of emergency... and how can we toggle the ground camera for viewing downwards from the virt cockpit during landings? thank you all very much