Friday, October 4, 2013

F-35 Lightning II Version 2.30 (Limited Introduction)

Here is the much awaited F-35 update for FSX:Acceleration which also supports the Tacpack (version or later required).
For the moment, it will only be available on this blog - in order to check it works correctly. Most likely there will be bandwith issues with Google Drive... anyway, as soon as it is confirmed that it works as it should, it will be uploaded at the usual repositories too.

Download from Google Drive by clicking HERE

Version 2.30
October 4th 2013
Added basic Tacpack Support (requires Vertical Reality Simulation's Tacpack module)
Added Tacpack compatible weapons (Cannon, AIM-9X, AIM-120C, GBU-31, GBU-10, GBU-12, JSOW, MK-84, Mk-83, MK82)
Added Tacpack A/A functions: Az/El search and L&S designation, Gun (Gun Director and Funnel modes), Sidewinders launch (Visual Boresight and Radar Slaved), Slammer launch (Visual Boresight and Radar Slaved).
Added Tacpack A/G functions: TOO mode, AUTO release, MANual release, CCIP mode.
Added Miscellaneous Tacpack functions: NVGs, Working RWR, Chaffs, Flares, In-flight Refuel.
Added Weapons Configurator
Added miscellaneous custom keystrokes
Added sonic-boom effects
Added anti-skid for wheels
Minor tweaks to very low speeds
Minor tweaks to roll rate
Added AF-01 and BF-01 textures
Minor improvements to -B and -C versions texture sets
Added Warlords tail art
Fixed weapon loads token weights mistakes
Added test flight nose probe (triggered by pilot weight – set it to 201 lbs and it will show)
Improved afterburner effects
Added heat shimmer effects



Anonymous said...

A very big thank you for the ton of work that went into this baby :)

Dino Cattaneo said...

Thanks for the appreciation!


Anonymous said...

hello dino, i have only version of tacpack. there are no messages in my tacpack manager. so how can i update it to regards heinz

Dino Cattaneo said...


see message above - the Tacpack update is "on hold" at the moment for a last minute issue.
AFAIK should be online soon - but please refer to VRS site for Tacpack support - it is their product, not mine!

Anonymous said...

okay, thank you dino! :) but very nice work!! have a nice weekend.

Daniele said...

Hi Dino,
first of all, congrats for the new release and thanks for all your efforts to make it always better.
I've noticed that when flying in fog conditions, the HUD is delimited by a grey box, as follows:

Is this issue already known and easy to solve? I hope so...
Thanks, best regards


Dino Cattaneo said...


that is a known issue... actually has always been like this.
This is the actual projection plane which is not "transparent enough" in some weather conditions (basically fog)... but that is the best I could do (i.e. I could not make it more transparent without losing readability) - you will have to live with that for now.

CJ Ladd said...

downloading the tacpack updates as I type...thanks for your hard work on the F-35 and working with the VRS guys. Any word on the F-14 Tacpack enabled release?

David Telford said...

Good work as always Dino, also like before if you need any help uploading here in the us when the time comes just let me know. I would be more than happy to help.

Jim Snow said...

Gotta say that since I've installed the new tacpac and your tacpac enabled F35, I'm flying the Lightning II more than the Superbug! Cant wait for the Tomcat!! Was wanting to ask you, though...Whats the chances of getting some paintkits for your wonderful planes,Dino? Please message me and let me know>> << Thank you for all your amazing work!!

David Chen said...

Thanks for the efforts to give us this great bird (as freeware!)

Hope there are more coming in the future.

Dino Cattaneo said...

Yes, please upload it to flightsim. I don't know why, but it is always a pain for me to upload files there - takes a lot of time and often results in errors.

Since I do not work with layered PSDs, there is (and there will not be) a "proper" paintikit. However, I will release "blank" textures soon.

As for the F-14D, problem is I did not expect VRS to release the Tacpack last week...and therefore I started some further modifications that I'd like to complete before release.
More news on the Tomcat later this week.

Anonymous said...

Try pressing the letter I while out of the cockpit on the F-35.I tried it and the guns fire?????

Dino Cattaneo said...


That is because the gun fire effect is a "smoke" effect, and pressing "I" (unless you have manually assigned a different key) activates the smoke effects.
My Tacpack control code works only in the VC - and that is where the keys gets proxy-ed to Tacpack functions. I.e. out of the VC the standard key assignments will take over.

David Telford said...

OK, uploaded to

Dino Cattaneo said...



David McClean said...


I have very little freeware on my system. It is all novelty stuff just for fun. In fact much of the payware aircraft on my system is the same just for novelty and fun. A whole bunch of Just Flight, Captain Sim, Aerosoft etc. stuff.

My serious payware is the PMDG737, A3A C172,Flight1 P51, Milviz 737-200c, F86 and F15e. And to this esteemed list I add your T-45 and F35. You make the best freeware for FSX that I have ever seen. Better than most payware and in a league with best. Thanks very much for all the hard work you have done.

By the way I notices in the t45 that the when I actuate the elevator trim with my controller it adjusts the elevator trim but in the VC the rudder trim knob moves instead of the elevator trim. I use FSUIPC

Jorge Roldan said...

Dino Thankyou for your work, I need help building a cockpit for thr T-45, the DDI's use Control 70414 and these are not FSX controls , can you explain....


David Telford said...

I don't know why it took so long, but v2.30 is finally available for download on

Unknown said...

Hi Dino,

Wonderful upgrades, thank you so much.
Question: the plane is now on TACAN 57 for Javier's. How can I change to TACAN 87 for the SDB CVN Enterprise?
Thank you,


David Telford said...

Hey Dino, I just wanted you to see the post I put on's forum today.

VRS Superbug vs Dino Cattaneo planes

I had the opportunity to check out the VRS Superbug on a friends machine recently. I have to say that compared to Dino Cattaneo's planes such as the F-35 and T-45 I really wasn't all that impressed especially for the $45 that the superbug cost. Dino is hard at work making all of his aircraft tacpac compatible which keeps him in the running as one of the top FSX aircraft designers. All of this is just my opinion of course, but felt is was worth sharing. Happy simming

Dino Cattaneo said...

As for the upload to I think it took a while beacuse the file from this blog was not properly "formatted" for

As for the post at, well, thanks for the appreciation but VRS Superbug is an almost perfect rendition of the SuperHornet - actually I think that not many users are aware of all its features!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino, thanks so much for this great aircraft an all the work and effort you put into all your freeware aircraft!!! It is the first combat aircraft where I have been able to figure out how to designate and terminate ground targets. It is so easy!!! Is there any chance there will be a future version with more comparability with all the TacPac weapons?


Pete said...

Hi Dino,

I recently discovered your aircraft and I would just like to say that this F-35 is hands-down the best add-on that I have ever flown in FSX. In fact I have now decided to purchase TacPack purely so that I can experience all that your F-35 has to offer. Well done, and thanks for your outstanding work.

Secondly, I have two quick questions regarding possible future enhancement that I think would be a great addition to your F-35:

1) Do you ever plan to implement a HMDS HUD, i.e. so that if you look left or right in the VC, the HUD will “move with you” and remain in the center of your vision?

2) Do you ever plan to implement a TacPack-enabled FLIR screen on the cockpit display, perhaps the size of a full half-screen portal?

Many thanks once again. Your hours of labour bring much joy to fellow enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dino , I flew your new f-35 and I noticed you slowed Down its roll rate in all air speeds , as I mentioned before the roll rate needed to be a bit more dull at slower airspeed and faster at higher air speeds , just like the fsx blue angels latest f-18 release , is there any chance you can fix it?

Anonymous said...

The latest version of the F-35 and TACPAC does have the HMD... Maybe you have a latter version of either one of the two?


David Chen said...

I'm impressed by the level of detail. Thanks for this wonderful bird.

Unknown said...


Any chance of getting back the F-35A/B/C visual flight model without external weapons load (only with internals)? This is no longer available after it became a freeware. Thanks.


Jiri said...

You can get rid of external load by properly reading the manual :) Station weight could be set to zero to appear as empty. J.

udidwht said...

I notice that when viewing from the VC to the right-rear I can not see the wing tip as you do when viewing to the left rear.

Roberto Ricardo Soriano Ramos said...

Hi Dino,

Roberto Soriano from Throttletek have been trying to contact you! I have made a full line of panels based on your sim and I will like to offer a set in Payment for your work! As well as share my plans on making a set of HOTAS system for it based on your software! Hope you can contact me!

I have one suggestion. Automatic flaps settings on landing are very low making the Angle of approach very high a bit above the 5 degrees and makes visibility for landing not good. When you land it goes to 40 degrees which it is what you should have for approach making the angle of the nose lower with a better visibility for landing!! Is there a way to change this?

I would also love the Autopilot Keypad enabled for Entries it will make this software even more complete! Here are the pics of my cockpit project based on your software:


Seth said...

How can I download the F-35 with Tacpack?

When I try the web site - I get error message

I won't mind paying for it.

Thank you for your help.

Clint Smith said...

well. it would appear i am a day late and a dollar short, the download link is inop. thats a shame, i would have loved to fly it

Red Wood Creations said...

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MrLouisMC said...

Hey Dino, First off all thank you for this great plane but i have a question, What key do we use to drop Flares?