Monday, January 28, 2013

Yet another update for the T-45C Goshawk...

It's been three (3!) weeks from my latest Goshawk update! How could I not to release another minor version of the Goshawk? Well, let's just hope this does not screw up too much like 2.31...
Changes are are follows:

- Fixed inertia effects and departures during roll of more 180°, thanks to Brandon.
  Flight model retains departure in case of abrupt full deflection forward/side movements as it should be.
- Fixed unusable fuel entry in flight model, thanks to Jorge.
- Slight changes to HUD frame modeling to enhance visibility of HUD symbology.
- Left MFD in instructor cockpit is now independent from the pilot/student cockpit.
- General optimization & cleanup of graphic rendering of the vitual cockpit.
- Added animation to most of scratchpad keys.
- Fixed zoom factor for outside view.

Hopefully they are all for the better.


Anonymous said...

Your attention to detail is staggering Dino, thank you for the efforts on all your projects

rsgunner said...

Thank you for the continual upgrades.

It gets better each time.


Dino Cattaneo said...

Also, forgot to add to the list of changes:

Fixed event firing bug when using VOR/ILS tracking.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Dino, you didn't have to share your work but you did and I am most grateful indeed.

AviaScorp said...

Hi Dino,

Thank you for the new update. Have always loved flying your work.

Have been testing the new edition for last three days and notice that in a TacPack enabled MP server, we are not able to pick up carriers TCN/ILS info. The info on HSI/Data display is also all gibberish.

It works quite okay in Single Player mode though. Haven't tested the airplane in non TacPack enabled MP server.

Can't say, if this bug was there in last two updates, since I wasn't able to comprehensively fly T-45 at that time.

If you need any further details, or need me to run any more testing, am happy to help.

AviaScorp said...

Forgot to mention that I'm not the only person facing this issue.

A whole lot of my friends face exactly the same issue.

Peter said...

Thx a lot !
Just to express my gratitude for your dedicated and impressive procjet(s)!!!

Dino Cattaneo said...

thanks for the appreciation!


Thanks for reporting the issue. I do not have TacPack, so I am not able to replicate that issue.
There is a small difference in the latest HUD code, but it seems to work as it should, so it is probably another, pre-existing problem.

AviaScorp said...

I have reported the issue to VRS also.

Like I said in my previous post, the everything works fine when in single player mode. So, the airplane code should be okay.

The problem happens when we fly it in a TacPack enabled session.

We are guessing, its probably due to the fact that T-45 HUD is hard coded with TCN/ILS info for carriers at 57X, and TacPack generates TCN/ILS info differently.

As soon as I'm able to find some time, I will make and upload a small video to show what I mean. Maybe that will help you and/or VRS to understand/debug the issue.

Have always loved your work, so feel kinda sad that we are now not able to use this airplane in our MP sessions now.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Dino as always!
"- Fixed inertia effects and departures during roll of more 180°, thanks to Brandon." sorry Dino but the FDE are still bad when rolling 360°, the aircraft stalls & can't hold a straight line...hopefully this can get fixed:)

Bugdani said...

Merci, merci et encore merci !!!!


Dino Cattaneo said...


Well, on my system, at least, behaviour is pretty close to the NATOPs description... proper coordinated rolls are quite accurate by my standards, and A/C does not show tendency to depart from controlled flight (provided that speed is sufficient), unless full forward deflection is applied.
Roll rate is also pretty close to NATOPs at most speeds, although now it is a little too high.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback!

Alenia said...

Great aircraft; almost beggars belief that it's free!

Quick request - Is there any chance we could get a RAF Red Arrows texture for it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work. I noticed the first texture says VT-7 in the title but the aircraft has VT-9 on it. Didn't know which was right.