Wednesday, July 25, 2012

F-35 is available for download at SimMarket

I've been noticed that the installer has an issue and misplaces the files in the FSX folders (it places the model files into the SimObject folder, but they should go into the SimObject/Airplanes subfolder). If you know how to install FSX files manually, you are probably able to fix this.... but I've fixed the bug and an updated installer is being uploaded right now... sorry for the inconvenience!!!!
It looks like the F-35 is already available at SimMarket...and I was the last one to know! Anyway, I had not given to SimMarket formal authorization to proceed - as I wanted to make a couple of changes to the webpage.

For one, calling the project "The Real F-35" is not an idea of mine, and I will ask SimMarket to change it. I believe it is a reasonable simulation - but it is far from being as "real" as other addons.

The product has still some bugs - sorry for that - but I hope that the quality level is acceptable for most users as the price - if my calculations are right, this will be just enough to cover the development costs. Again, this is not a job for me, nor I do not want it to be - still, I hope the F-35 is "professional" enough for most users to enjoy flying it. Have fun!


Dan said...

Hi Dino do you plan to do a visual model of the 3 version with only the pylons and the aim-9x like the ones that tested the loaded in light refueling ?

cedric theentertainer said...

Thank you for your work on the F-35. I have truly enjoyed the T-45, and the F-14! You truly have a gift!
Thank you,

Escadre de Chasse Virtuelle said...

Thank you so much for your great F-35! I feel so happy to fly the beast, I've been waiting so long fo it! I just bought it this afternoon and I love it!

Please keep working as good as you do!


Anonymous said...

Excellent aircraft, just like the T-45 was.

Please do consider releasing the F35C model in clean configuration without weapons. I think it is a lot more realistic for carrier practice and prefer it for most of the flying.

Thanks Dino.

Grabby said...

Dino c'รจ un'altro piccolo errore nell'istaller di simnarket, l'f35 c quslsiasi variante si scelga appare in versione coi serbatoi ausiliari, ho corretto inserendo il modello jdam nel cfg.

Ciao Gabriele

Desktopsimmer said...

Thank you very much. This is an excellent addon for FSX. :) just need to get shipyard 2the place LHD-4 in FSX then I'm in business.


ScimmiaSpaziale said...


Grazie - will fix that


In my installation, LHD-4 seems to loose its "landable" deck... I hope it is just a problem on my installation...

Desktopsimmer said...


I've got the LHD-4 in FSX now, just wish you could take off from it, as any fix wing STVOL or VTOL aircraft crash on take off.

One thing I have noticed, in replays the STVOL aircraft configuration is not shown.

Flytsimmer, Oklahoma City, OK said...

I love this aircraft. You are truly a Genius. Thank you for your outstanding work. The FSX community of fortunate to have you. I also have the T-45C and look forward to the F-14. Thank you, thank you, thank you.