Tuesday, March 6, 2012

F-35 2.0 Beta 1 - How to apply

Well, I finally have a build that I consider good enough for Beta 1. Actually I think it should be better than that, as the flight model is the same as the previous version and it was working fine...and most of the VC is the same, apart from some minor graphical tweak.
So, Beta 1 is ready for testing. Beta 1 will ONLY feature the F-35A, the CTOL version. F-35B is in the works, but it experiencing some delay as my real life job is consuming most of my time and energy lately. F-35C is also in the works, but, for technical reasons, it is much better to have the -A and -B ready before moving to the -C.
Should you want to apply for the Beta testing, please drop me an email at indiafoxtecho (gmail) com, which, from now on, will be my main address for simulation related email. Please add a F-35A Beta in the subject (or anything that will help me sorting them out) and a brief description of your systems and main add-ons...and which kind of simmer you are, if you wish so - keep it short - I just want to better understand your perspective and -in case- suggestions.
Also, due to my time constraints, I will not accept many testers - it will be impossible for me to collect a large amount of information. There will not be a particular rule to chose the testers - I will mainly pick different systems/simmer "types" combination...just to have varied feedback. Should you not be picked - well, I am sorry - I just cannot accept more than few testers.
Also, to report bugs, please use ONLY the methods described in the email. Thanks you all in advance!


FightingFalcon said...

Can i still get the beta i totally forgot it to apply D: pls pls pls pls

Tim Ferguson said...

It would be an honor to test your aircraft Dino thank in adv