Thursday, December 30, 2010

First flight of the new T-45C (and first carrier landing of course!)

Finally I've exported the T-45C model into FSX - and needless to say I took it around the boat for some traps. I'm very happy with the quality of the work so far. Most of the external model is done, the main outstanding area being the cockpit and the canopy.
Soon I'll start working on the virtual cockpit. It is not yet clear to me how long it will take, as I cannot say how many parts can be reused from the previous version (which has several inaccuracies). But the external model is just few hours from being done!


Maury said...

Complimenti per il tuo lavoro....Un Aereo così fantastico diventerà ancora meglio...non vedo l'ora di provarlo...Maury da (Genova)

Robby said...

Mi pare un bel passo avanti.
Complimenti per l' ottimo lavoro!


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Dino!

Happy that you are back at it again and doing so well to start off with.

Have a Happy New Year!

James F. Chams

Vigilius said...

Buon Anno Dino ed ottimo lavoro come sempre!

Anonymous said...

very nice