Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real AF-1 ready to fly at Edwards (and F-35 drop tests)

F-35 AF-1 with final painting/finishing. Will fly to Edwards soon.

In the past few weeks, the real F-35 project achieved several major milestones, including first vertical landing for the F-35B, first flight of a fully mission-equipped plane and drop tests of the F-35C. Now the AF-1 is back from the calibration lab and received its final livery (which looks close to the one I did based on drawings - the major difference is that the real characters are smaller).

By the way seeing the F-35C drop test videos (link below, also on youtube - and good source to estimate F-35 carrier landing parameters) reminded me of drop tests we did when I was working for major mobile phones company... but on a much bigger scale!


AF-1 Completes Final Finishes, Scheduled to Return to Flight

First Lockheed Martin Mission Systems F-35 Enters Flight Test

Lockheed Martin's F-35C Lightning II Carrier Variant Undergoes Drop Testing

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ashley said...

Is the C video in slow motion :P